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Course Time Limits

Please note:

Roads are opened under and closed under the direction of Police.

To minimise disruption to road traffic there will be time limits placed on the 21.1km course (expected to be 30 mins for the first 4.5kms) and an overall time limit for all other events including interim check points.

Road re-opening times are controlled by the police who will escort the last entrants.  There is a “Stragglers” bus that follows the last entrants.  Should the police deem it necessary, slow entrants may be asked to board the bus.  They then can be moved up the course or stay on the bus to the end.


We are awaiting additional information from our stakeholders for time limits and will update as soon as possible.  If you have any questions – please contact us.


Finishing Time Guide

Please find below the fastest and slowest participant times from previous events (except 2km).  If you cannot finish within these suggested times, you should choose a shorter distance.

21.1km Half Marathon Run

Fastest Time: 1:12:37

Slowest Time:  3:03:01


Fastest Time:  28:38

Slowest Time:  01:53:49


This is our first time for the 2km – this is a participation event and is not timed.


Fastest Time:  56:37

Slowest Time:  2:39:07


Fastest: 13:56

Slowest: 56:02