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Road Closures

Please note:

**Interim road closure information**

Certain roads will be closed during this event.  Road closure notices will be posted on our social media and printed within the local paper.  Residents/Businesses who will be impacted for extended periods of time will receive priority notifications via letter box drop.
Roads are opened and closed under the direction of Police who follow the last entrants.  We will update this information (times/maps etc) as soon as our stakeholders pass this information to us.

Important information for the 2km course – if you have parked your vehicle at Neilsons Park you will not be able to commute by vehicle to the 2km start as the roads will be closed.  Access to Christensen Park from Neilson Park will be by foot traffic only.  If you are a parent and have participated in another event, and you wish to participate with your child in the 2km, you will need to have finished your event including allowing sufficient time to walk from Nielsons Park to Christensens Park to meet with your child/children and enter the start chute.

The time it will take to walk is to be determined by you, as each persons abilities are different.  If you don’t make it on time to the start, your child will not be able to run without your supervision.  No refunds will be given.

Participants who are entering and starting in the 2km only, please consider the above information if you choose to park at Nielsons Park.  There will be limited public parking at Christensen Park if this is your starting point.  Road closures for access to Christensen Park will be updated as soon as the information is passed to us.

General Information:

Road closures will be in effect on Sunday the 23rd of July 2023 and are a necessary part of the event to ensure the safety of our participants and the public.  Roads are opened and closed under the direction of Police who follow the last entrants.

There is a “Stragglers” bus that follows the last entrants.  Should the police deem it necessary, slow entrants may be asked to board the bus.  They then can be moved up the course, or stay on the bus to the end.

To minimise disruption to road traffic there will be time limits placed on the beginning of the 21.1km course and overall time limits for all other events.

*Detailed road closure information will be available closer to the event.

This will include road closure maps*

During these times you will not have access to the closed roads, however, in an emergency if you need to dial 000 all Emergency Services are aware of the closures and they will be in communication with the Police. The Police and our Health Management Plan will ensure that contingencies are managed for the safety of all.

We have incredible support from the local community with more than 200 volunteers supporting the event along with very generous support from the business community. Money raised through this event goes back into our local community or to organisations that support our community.

We encourage you to be a part of the event and support our entrants. Cheer them on as they pass you – or come to the finish to watch the first past the post.

The success of this iconic event is reliant on local support. Where possible, we would encourage local businesses and residents to join us in creating an exciting event and contributing to the overall event atmosphere. As a business you could consider the promotion of the event by way of discounts or specials, of which would attract participants and the public to your business. Another opportunity for your business is to enter a team in the event and wear team T-Shirts, or decorate your shopfront.

Local residents may consider decorating their home/fence, or to cheer our participants on as they pass. In past years residents have even gone as far to set up a BBQ in their front yard, or even dressed up in costumes themselves as part of a cheer squad!

On behalf of the Cane2Coral committee, I apologise for any inconvenience caused by these short road closures and thank you for your understanding and support.

Terry Harlick

Event Coordinator – 0447 296 297