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The Cane2Coral is made possible each year with the help of our amazing volunteers!


Are you interested in volunteering?  Please click the button below, fill in the form and click submit.  One of our team will be in contact as soon as possible.  Thank you for your enquiry.

We need your help!

We’re on the lookout for fabulous and fun volunteers to lend us a helping hand in the lead up to and during the event.  The Activate! Queensland Cane2Coral is a great way to meet others and to enhance your social skills and to learn many other valuable skills, plus you’ll be giving back to your local community.

It’s not all work, there’s plenty of fun to have during the event!  Cheer on a friend, a relative, a partner or the participants in general.  There’ll be plenty of laughs along the way with some awesome costumes on display.

What kind of volunteer roles are there?

We have all sort of roles in the lead up to, during and after the event.  These roles could be: Race office support, bib packing and distribution, the putting up and taking down of signage, water stations and more.

Descriptions of most of our volunteer role overviews can be found below.  * Please note: these are general descriptions and some positions may involve more/less.  Some roles may also be filled at the time of your application.

Race Office Support

Approximately 1 week prior to the event, our race office is open for participants to register for the event and also for those who have registered to collect their race packs.  This role is mostly an adminstrative role and involves assisting participants with registration and general enquiries.  The role also may entail packing our “Race Packs” when the bibs and merchandise arrive.  The packing of race packs generally starts a few weeks out.

Bib and Race Pack Distribution

 On race day, the role is to distribute bibs/race packs to those participants who are travelling from out of town may not be able to get to the race office to collect them.

Setup Crews

Our setup crew tasks vary.  Some may be setting up the start areas by installing crowd barriers, signs, erecting marquees, water stations, tables and other required infastructure for the event.  This is a somewhat physical role.  Many hands make light work.  Other crews may start several days out from the event and very early race day to place signs along the course.

Water Stations

The hydration of our participants is most important.  Our water station volunteers assist in filling several cups to ensure that our participants can obtain a drink at varied stages of the course.

Site Management

Our site managers assist with the coordination of volunteers at varied sites throughout the course.  Good communication, listening, organisational, supporting and management skills are required.

Clean Up Crew

Our clean up crew follows behind the last participants of the course and ensures that nothing remains from the event.  This includes the collection of marquees, tables, chairs, bins/rubbish, bunting, bollards, signs and the like.  This is a physical and fast paced job.  Some signs may be collected after the event.

Parking Management

Volunteers assist to ensure that cars are directed to the appropriate areas within our dedicated parking.  This may involve significant walking and standing for periods of time.

Traffic Guidance (Event Traffic Marshals)

Our Event Traffic Marshals assist us with the temporary closure of roads for basic traffic control.  They must be a volunteer,  18 years of age, have passed a free online ETM training course.  Additional information on the requirements for an ETM can be found online here, or by contacting us for further information.

Sanitation Crew

Our sanitation volunteers asssit with keeping the event free of rubbish as well as general cleaning.  This could involve wiping tables, chairs etc as well as the cleaning of toilets.  Clean amenties are vital to the comfort of all who attend and for the sucess of the event.

Finish Area

There are varied roles/responsibilities at the finish area.  This may be assisting with setup/pack up/cleaning the distribution of fruit and water, catering, food preparation and the like.

Lost/Found & Gear Collection Tent

At the finish area there is a marquee that solely contains any lost/found property as well as being a collection area for participants who have left their baggage at start points.  Volunteers check the baggage tags against the participants bibs and return to their rightful owner.

Information Booth & Event Ambassadors

This role is to assist the participants and public with any general enquiries that they have during the event.  This assists the organisers to be able to focus on the operational aspects of the event.

Directional Attendants

Our directional attendants ensure that participants are following correct paths on select parts of the course. They may motion participants to slow down at slopes etc.

All Rounders

If you are happy to volunteer in any role as opposed to a specific role, we’d love to hear from you too.  Flexibility means that our volunteer coordinator can easily place you within any role and also you can assist especially when someone may be sick or doesn’t turn up.